Two storylines converge!!

Maureen and Mimi snickered, staying at the front of the group.

Tara glanced at Kennedy, trying to hide in the coat a little more. She didn't say anything either.

The rest of the walk home was uneventful. They came upon Giles and Faith in the lobby and Tara blinked at how anxious Faith appeared. She took off Kennedy's coat and offered it to its rightful owner.
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Test one two three... anything but that

Tara flushed but didn't pull away even after she felt steady on her feet again. "I-if th-that's what it takse n-now adays..." Blasted stutter!! Oh... wait... was she flirting with Kennedy? Tara processed the words that had tripped tentatively from her mouth. Yes... yes that was definitely flirting. Oh dear. No wonder she'd stuttered. Maybe Kennedy wouldn't notice...

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Tara McClay walked with several of the youngest Slayers. She had volunteered to take them trick-or-treating, pointing out that though they were young they all had more than a few hours of training when the others had protested her going out at night.

She lingered on the sidewalk as the girls ran up to a spectacularly decorated house. She smiled softly. They were so young... Had she ever been that young?
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So it begins...

Halloween. It was said that such a day was supposed to be quiet on the supernatural front.

So they said.

But who is 'They' anyway? Cuz they are full of shit.

Faith dusted the last of the four vamp gang she had found. "Damn..." She muttered, thinking she could use a smoke, suicide wings, a cold beer and a good fuck. Not necessarily in that order. Trying to stick to the role of the good guys she'd found herself in after The First and everything, she headed back to Slayer Central. She figured Giles should know about the major activity she had seen tonight. The group of four she had just dusted were vamps 9, 10, 11, and 12. She'd only been out for two and half hours...

She leaned on the reception desk. "Yo. G around or is he over at the Watcher's building?" She asked the young man who was watching the surveillance monitors.

The man shrugged and picked up the phone, using the paging system. "Mr. Giles. Faith is at the front desk. Slayer side." He announced then grinned at Faith. "Makes life easy, doesn't it?"

"Lazy shit." Faith laughed then chatted with him until Giles arrived
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